Top 5 Most Affordable Hearing Aids of 2024

Last Updated – July 22nd, 2024
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The Best/Affordable Over-The-Counter Hearing Aids for 2024. After months of testing almost all Hearing Aids in the market, we have come to the conclusion that all OTC Hearing Aids are not the same. There are many companies out there selling cheap low quality hearing aids.

But the real question is... which ones should you buy in 2024? Our researchers bought, tested and reviewed the most popular Hearing Aids available online, looking at: sound quality, comfort, features, battery life, ease of use, price and discounts. This is our Top 5 List for Best Hearing Aids Of 2024:

Our Top Picks


Audien Atom 2

#1 Best Choice



User rating: 10,999+

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33% SALE ends:
Monday, July 22nd, 2024

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Exclusive Discount: 33% OFF
Committed To Quality

Audien Atom 2 makes their products to the highest standards of quality, and guarantees to deliver beyond your expectations.

Hassle-Free Returns

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply return it within 60 days for a full refund.

Fast Shipping From USA

Audien Atom 2 ships all orders quickly from their USA warehouse.


This score is based on four essential criteria: rigorous testing, the degree of benefits, customer input, and brand reputation. We establish exceptionally high testing standards.

Why Audien Atom Pro Stands Out as Our Top Choice?

Audien Atom stands out among the budget-friendly hearing devices we tested, excelling not only in affordability but also in the overall value it offers. Priced at less than $100 per pair, Audien Atom hearing aids provide a combination of high quality, comfort, sound excellence, and extended battery life.

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Advanced Sound Processing Technology

Experience pristine and distinct audio with the Audien Atom Pro, credited to its exclusive sound technology. Utilizing the state-of-the-art AtomTM Chip Technology, this hearing aid consistently delivers exceptional sound quality. The Audien Atom excels in amplifying sounds effectively, enhancing overall hearing. Additionally, it eliminates extraneous features, avoiding the bulkiness, discomfort, and high costs associated with other hearing devices.

User-Friendly and Secure (Easy to use)

The Audien Atom Pro ensures not just impressive sound quality but also a hassle-free and straightforward user experience. Operating the device is as simple as a plug-and-play solution. With a fully charged battery, a flip of the switch, and insertion into either ear, you're good to go – no specific ear required.

The Atom eliminates the need for a steep learning curve. In case you encounter any issues, Audien provides top-notch, human customer support to assist you promptly.

Extended Battery Performance

A standout feature of the Audien Atom is its impressive battery life. When fully charged, these hearing aids can effortlessly last a full day or a minimum of 20 hours. What's even better, the Audien Atom is entirely rechargeable, eliminating the need for constant battery replacements and making it highly cost-effective.

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Rapid Wireless Charging

Despite its extended battery capacity, the Audien Atom Pro requires only a few hours on the charging dock for a full charge. This allows for flexible charging throughout the day or overnight, ensuring they are ready for all-day use when you wake up.

Subtle and Comfortable Design

While delivering exceptional sound quality and battery life, the Audien Atom maintains a compact design, being 22% smaller than Audien's popular EV1 model. This discreet size makes it nearly invisible when worn. Additionally, the in-the-canal design ensures maximum comfort, with multiple ear dome sizes for a personalized fit, even during extended wear.

High-Quality Hearing Aids at an Affordable Price

The Audien Atom not only performs exceptionally well and fits comfortably but is also incredibly affordable at just $99 per pair. Purchasing an Audien Atom hearing aid doesn't mean compromising on quality for the price. Savings are amplified when buying multiple pairs, thanks to promotional offers and discounts.

Moreover, with Atom's 45-day guarantee, 1-year warranty, free shipping, and lifetime support, exploring hearing aid options becomes a low-risk venture. Take the plunge and try Atom today with zero risk to you!

Audien Hearing Atom Pro


What Users Are Saying…

I have had the Audien Hearing Atom Pro hearing aids for about two months now. They took a little getting used to, but now I forget they are in my ears. My hearing seems natural. In a busy place the background noise is amplified somewhat, but the sounds I want to hear are still clear over the noise.” 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ — Allen G.

“Super great customer service! They texted me right after I ordered my hearing aids and again when my order shipped. The product works great and you can’t beat the price. 10/10 would order again.” 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ — Mary A.

“I purchased Audien Hearing Aid early this year. As a first time user I was skeptical and wary of scams. However, their price was worth a try. I called customer service a few times. [They] were extremely helpful guiding me along.” 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ — Jennifer S.

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What Makes The Audien Hearing Aid So Effective?

The amplification of the Atom Pros is straightforward yet of high quality. At the correct volume level, the sound is clear without being overly loud. In contrast to other tested devices that often exhibit excessively loud amplification for specific frequencies, such as the noise of running water or the crinkling of a plastic bag, Audien's product doesn't face this issue. The amplification consistently feels natural.

These hearing aids excel in various scenarios, including conversations, television watching, and crowded environments. However, unlike some over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids that utilize companion smartphone apps with specific environmental settings, the Atom Pros lack features to emphasize sounds from particular directions, like behind or in front of the user.

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Audien asserts that the Atom Pros are specifically engineered to target speech while eliminating white noise and feedback. Personally, I don't typically use environmental settings or programs with OTC hearing aids, so Audien's straightforward approach, focusing solely on volume settings, suited me. However, if you prefer more customization or programmable options, Audien might not be the ideal choice for you.

Watching TV with these hearing aids was a positive experience for us. We could listen at a much lower volume, reducing the need to strain to hear dialogue clearly. Interestingly, we didn't require closed captioning while wearing these devices.

The price for Audien Atom Pro is the lowest in the industry.

Main Features Of Audien Atom Pro


Common Questions

How long will Audien Atom Pro Hearing Aid last?

Prescription hearing aids typically last between 3 to 5 years. Atom Pro devices can be expected to have a shorter lifespan due to the build quality and lack of protection of the enclosed electronics from moisture and debris. Some online reviews reported technical issues, e.g. batteries not charging, within the first few months of purchase. To be fair, this issue can be seen across the entire range of hearing products including prescription devices.

Can Audien Atom Pro help with my Tinnitus?

Audien has made recent claims that their hearing aids can help people manage their tinnitus. While amplification alone can provide tinnitus relief for some individuals, Audien’s products do not currently offer any form of tinnitus management such as maskers or sound generators. 

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Written By Mike C.

Mike is recognized for his expertise in advanced techniques to optimize auditory health. Committed to ongoing education, he collaborates with healthcare teams to deliver comprehensive and compassionate care for those suffering with hearing loss.

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